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Impressive wood galleries for the Sunkid conveyor belts in Serfaus, Fiss in Austria and Sierra Nevada in Spain

New Sunkid Conveyor Canopies

Constant product development, as well as revolutionary innovation are closely tied into the corporate culture of the Sunkid company from Imst in Tyrol. Already in 1996, Sunkid developed the revolutionary conveyor climbing aid system and has in the meantime made 2300 installations worldwide. Working closely with its clients, the company fitted the first conveyors with overhead canopies over 8 years ago. The advantages are obvious – easier maintenance and operation of the equipment for the operator and protection from wind and weather for the guest. At the moment, annually every fourth Sunkid conveyor leaves the plant with a canopy – over 130 installations worldwide have already been covered.

This year, Sunkid managed to install completely new and innovative canopies in very close cooperation with customers. Based on the proven structural advantages of the current Sunkid Gallery, impressive canopies have been designed.

“SERFAUS Wood Shed Roof“ Project

A highlight of the newly designed Kinderschneealm in Serfaus is the wooden SunKid gallery modeled on a wood shed design ©SunKid

The world famous “Kinderschneealm“ in Serfaus is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The Komperdell cable railway, the Serfaus ski school and the Serfaus tourism association have developed an extensive concept this year to redesign the 45,000 sq.m. large area. Spatial separation of meeting points facilitates orientation. In addition, the new, cozy “Murmlihütte“ makes the Kinderschneealm, located directly in the ski area beneath the Komperdell middle station, live up to its name. The new “Bear Run“ family slope leads through playful obstacles directly to the Kinderschneealm and the new Bear meeting point.

The main link between the Kinderschneealm to the cable car and restaurant is a 70 meter long Sunkid Wonder Carpet. The conveyor can transfer guests uphill as well as downhill (in both directions). The customer presented Sunkid with the task of fitting this main artery, used all year round, with a canopy that optically blends with the total concept of the new Kinderschneealm. Therefore Sunkid developed, along with its partner Almholz, a wooden gallery modeled on a Tyrolean wood shed. Two cable railways that closely cross over the gallery were a special challenge. In close cooperation with the Tyrolean government, an appropriate safety concept was developed. The conveyor and wooden gallery were approved at the beginning of December without difficulty. With it, 14 Sunkid conveyors are operating in Serfaus this year, half of them with canopies.

all pictures ©SunKid____


“VARIOS Type Sunkid Gallery in Fiss“

The Varios gallery aesthetically links metal, wood and polycarbonate materials ©SunKid
The SunKid Varios gallery conveys an unbelievably pleasant feeling of space ©SunKid

The basic idea behind the Sunkid Varios gallery is the flexible combination of various materials. A solid metal substructure holds laminated wood beams with polycarbonate windows that are easily and quickly joined together on-site. The main focus in the development of this gallery aside from the visual aspect was above all easy and space-saving storage capability of the components (for transport or warehousing in summer), adaptability to any terrain without any cutting or adjusting on-site, as well as easy assembly and disassembly. The Varios is therefore built using the proven modular design; the heaviest part weighs 70 kg and can be moved by two people.

Individually customized facings from various materials and of various forms (e.g. larch wood, wooden rails of any type, slate plates, ornaments, glass plates, corrugated plates, back-lit images, prints of any type and form) in the lower part offer numerous design possibilities and ensure a personal touch.



“Sunkid Duplex Gallery in Sierra Nevada – Spain“ Project

The wood and aluminum combination of the Duplex gallery offers a visual highlight to any ski area ©SunKid

The Sunkid development department designed such a “Duplex” with inner passage width of 330 cm and an inner height of 250 cm. In this gallery as well various materials were combined with each other. The foundation was again a solid fully galvanized metal substructure. Innovative half-arched aluminum profile built the basic structure of the canopy. The entire upper area was filled with 5mm thick polycarbonate glass. Impregnated wooden sheathing in the lower part created a soft and pleasant sense of space. Electrical rolling doors are mounted at both the entry and exit. There is a side opening every 15m that can be closed off with glass doors.

all pictures ©SunKid_