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Our company was founded in 1996 from a working group of leading lift companies and ski schools. The challenge we faced was simplifying the first and hardest steps in the process of learning to ski.

Following development of a prototype and the first phase of testing in a glacial environment, the members of the working group decided on the first Sunkid Conveyor Belt as a lift for ski school facilities. True to our motto "Fun in the snow with safety and comfort" we have introduced a revolution in ski instruction with the help of Austria's ski schools and lift operators!

The Sunkid Conveyor Belt was originally employed for use by small children. But the amazing possibilities of this new lift technology brought quick recognition of other uses. In following years, the systems we installed became ever longer, stronger, and more comfortable. To date, over 2500 Sunkid Conveyor Belts have been successfully installed in diverse applications worldwide.

As auxiliary lift devices, over 4,000 Sunkid small ski lift systems are in operation worldwide. Sunkid lifts have carried us to the position of a comprehensive provider of innovative logistics solutions up to 400 meters in length. In addition to ski instruction areas, Conveyor Belts are employed in delivery and retrieval systems, practice slopes, and fun parks. The comprehensive Sunkid lift program has been developed by partner firms Bruckschlögl GmbH and Borer Lift AG - representing almost 50 years of experience in lift installation combined.

As a complement to the lift program, the innovative Sunkid Rotondo ski and tubing carousel developed out of practical experience. In ski schools, the Sunkid Rotondo is an important aspect of the Sunkid offering, serving as an instructional aide, or simply as a tubing carousel just for fun.

The Sunkid Sunny Stuff program offers a "ONE-STOP SHOP" for accessories: cutting edge, ski instruction aides, foam figures, wild animals, 3D figures for fun decorations, or new accessories like rails, loops and waves.

Sunkid has also met the challenge of creating ideas and innovations that utilize the Sunkid Conveyor Belt in the summer as well. We set out with the vision that customers' investments would serve them throughout the year. One of these innovations is Sunkid summer tubing: tubing enjoyment the whole year round! In cooperation with Italian partner Neveplast, we have already created 450 summer tubing facilities worldwide. Tubing fun with the utmost in safety - that's what Sunkid offers its customers.

With the Family Rides line, Sunkid has an attractive offering of small rides. The ride components are manufactured in Germany by Heege Freizeittechnik GmbH. The company’s products enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry for reliability and safety.

Throughout the world, customers are grateful that Sunkid does not just sell "a product" , but rather strives to offer consultation, guidance, and service at the highest level, particularly for planning year-round fun and leisure parks.

This vision for service and customer satisfaction is met by Sunkid's reliable delivery and service partners in over 45 countries, as well as the experience of the established group of companies to which Sunkid belongs.